Holly Gray
Washington, DC

Bio: My fitness journey began in 2012 at a routine doctor’s visit. On that day, I weighed 245 pounds with a body mass index of 36.2 – I was obese. My doctor also let me know that I had high blood pressure and that my blood sugar and cholesterol levels were elevated. It was the first time that I saw myself going down the road that so many of my relatives go down. A road of chronic illness –hypertension, kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes, etc. So, I began to educate myself on proper nutrition, I began an exercise routine and I started to see a therapist. I knew that part of the reason behind my weight gain was the depression I felt after my divorce and the pressure and worries of being a single mother raising 2 young daughters. I also knew that if I didn’t change my mind & spirit I would continue to repeat the same unhealthy patterns that got me to 245 lbs. Eventually, I lost the weight – over 60 pounds of it!!! Because of my journey, life has completely changed for the better. I became certified in fitness nutrition and I started my own nutrition and health coaching business -Veggie Rap. Through my company, I am able to help other individuals attain their personal health and weight loss goals. In 2014, I became a triathlete – finishing 3 triathlons and registered for 4 more in 2015! I’ve realized that fitness is not a destination, but rather a lifestyle change. I wanted to create a blog where I can share information about nutrition, fitness and health. I want to inspire and be inspired by others. I want to make you laugh and let you know that we are in this together. Together, we can become healthier versions of ourselves.

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