Anyone else out there have days that go like this:

I went to bed saying “Tomorrow, I am going eat healthy foods, I’m going to drink plenty of water and I’m not going to have any wine after work!” I believe have the perfect plan.   I laid my head on the pillow and drifted off to sleep with the knowledge that tomorrow will be a healthy day…. I can already see myself thinner!

Then the alarm goes off….late.  I’m rushing around trying to shower and dress, while yelling at my kid to get up and get ready for school. So now that everyone’s ready to go, I realize that there is absolutely zero time to prepare that wonderfully healthy breakfast because to do so would cause my child and me to be late for school and work.  So I grab a brown sugar & cinnamon  pop tart package, fill my travel cup with coffee and bolt out the door! (mmmmmm…poptarts). SONY DSC  As, we are sitting in the never ending, slower than molasses in January carpool lane, I hear my child say ” Mommy, I don’t have any lunch money and I also need some paper. ”   ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????!!!  So, before I completely have a melt down, I tell her to get out the car and that I will go get her lunch money and paper and bring it to her before I get to work.  So, off to the ATM, then the local convenience store… back to the school to make the drop off.. .now back in my car headed to the office. Finally, get to work.  I can feel the eyes searing into the back of my neck .  I can almost hear my boss, Judgy Mcjudgerson, criticizing me for being late, doubting the veracity of my excuse…blah blah blah.”Hmmph, late as usual!” “Well what happened this time, Holly?”.    UGH!! SHUT UP!


Wait, did I have breakfast already?  I feel way hungry… I don’t think I ate.  I answer a couple emails and off I go to the little café, conveniently located downstairs, to get my breakfast.  There’s a few healthy options, but I am famished.  Let me get a couple pieces of fruit….and….some sausage & eggs.  it’s protein right?  That’s ok. I take the food back to my office and eat it.  I’m almost finished the meal when I remember the package of pot tarts I ate earlier that morning. UGH!  At this point I realized that I’ve eaten my breakfast and lunch calories already and it’s not even 10 am!

As it’s the first of the month, it’s lunchtime birthday celebration day.  What’s being served?  Pizza and cake!!  Now should I go find something else that might be a better choice or just eat this.  Well, I don’t want to be rude..I’ll just have a little bit. This is so not my fault!  Stupid birthday celebration day!!

Later that night, after getting the kids settled and finally having a bit of peace and quiet, I convince myself that due to the horrible day I had a work, the crazy morning with the kids, & my abysmal failure with my diet… that I am entitled to a couple glasses of Malbec. (mmmmmmm…Malbec)

Malbec  I finally go to bed thinking perhaps tomorrow will be better…I’ll be healthy tomorrow. Well, not tomorrow because that’s happy hour night… Maybe I should just wait until next month when things calm down out work, or (insert excuse here)

Who’s been there before? A day that you had the best of intentions for healthier choices, kicking off your weight loss, etc – only for it to turn in to the most epic craptastic day on record.  Let me tell you something, at one point days like this were know as Tuesday at my  house…sad but very true.

Ever ask yourself :

  • What is it that I could have done to make this day go better? 
  • Could I have made different  choices? 
  • What strategies can I utilize to assist me in making healthier choices?
  • My job, children, spouse, responsibilities, etc are not going away.  How can I deal with life, while still embracing a healthy lifestyle?
  • Why do I continue to reward/soothe/medicate myself with food?
  • Which foods are the healthiest options? Am I getting enough nourishment from my diet?
  • After all of my trying to eat well, why have I not seen any change.

Listen, my loves, none of us get it right 100% of the time. However, if we want to have health, happiness and longevity, we have to begin to make positive strides in the right direction.  We have to change our relationship with food.  We need to be able to answer those questions I posed above.

In my own experience the three things that helped me the most were KNOWLEDGE, ENCOURANGEMENT & ACCOUNTABILITY.

I needed someone to teach me about how to nourish my body with the proper foods, how much I should be eating, provide me with food plans and recipes, how to use food as medicine & energy.  I also needed access to someone to talk to when I ran into stumbling blocks, had questions or needed advice from someone who understood the process.  Finally, I needed to be held accountable.  To have a person to check-in with me to make sure I was sticking to my plan, staying true to my goals and offering words of encouragement along the way.

What I needed was a nutrition coach!

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